Thailand – Bangkok

Well, it’s true. I’m in a-whole-nother world. Very different from Europe. Bangkok is extremely hectic. I knew it would be crazy, but I didn’t imagine it to be so big.
I’m staying on Khao San Rd – backpacker haven. The majority of the people here are tourists, which makes it quite interesting. My 11 hour flight from London was a little painful. I got 1 hour of sleep my last night in Rome, then in London, my roommates in the hostel kept going in and out and the girl in the bunk beneath me kept tossing and turning so I basically got very little sleep for two days. I’m thinking “I can just sleep on the plane”, but it was practically impossible. I arrived at my hotel at about 8am this morning and crashed for a few hours just so I wouldn’t feel like a zombie.
Later, I walked around a little, got a slurpee (yes, there are 7-elevens on every corner), then went to a restaurant and had a Chang beer and some Thai noodles with veggies. Everyone back home would be so proud. There’s a McDonalds and a Burger King on my street, but I didn’t even think of them. Am I turning over a new leaf? Quite possibly. But it’s so cheap here! If I don’t like the food, no big deal. I’ll just go get something else. Very simple.
I might head out to an island tomorrow. Bangkok is just way too insane. I want to relax.

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