Thailand – Ko Phi Phi

Things are going good here on the island. Its 8pm right now and I’m sweating like a pig (sorry…probably not a good visual). It’s extremely hot everywhere. You walk down the road and break a sweat.

I got a little toasty today. Went kayaking on the north side of the island. It was so cool to get out in the ocean away from it all. The water here is so clear, you could see everything.
Went to a big fire party last night on the beach at this place very close to where I’m staying called Monkey Bar. Lots of people, music, firedancers, etc. It was great to see.

Unfortunately, the downer about Thailand is my legs look like they’ve been through hell. No matter how much bug spray I put on, I keep getting bites…not sure if they are mosquito related…but it’s really frustrating…no one else seems to have the same problem….so I’m not sure what’s going on there. Yesterday, I started to walk through this village and an ant jumped up and started biting my leg….it was so painful. I turned right around and walked a different direction. Like I said, not sure if they’re mosquitos or what.

Showers are cold here…you have to pay for a nicer place if you want hot water, which just doesn’t seem all that neccessary. I’m sharing a pretty nice bungalow with two other people and it’s about $6 for me. I think when I go elsewhere I will be able to get my own place for about the same price. Meals are about 2 or 3 dollars at sit down restaurants…Chang beers are about $1 at the bar. This place is great on the wallet. I haven’t yet had a Thai massage, but I definitely will get some pampering before I leave Thailand. Most places are about $3-4 for an hour massage.

Today we saw about 7 or 8 monkeys hanging out outside our bungalow. They’re so cute until you get close and they show their claws and fangs as if they’re going to attack you. One was sitting on our porch and would let us go inside…so we had to hang out until he was done. Very crazy.

I think I might head over to Krabi tomorrow. Ko Phi Phi is supposed to be expensive compared to the other islands, etc. So I think I might move on. Plus, there’s this American guy I’m sort of traveling in a group with and he’s driving me absolutely insane so I’m dying to get away from him.

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