Thailand – Krabi & Railey Beach

I took the ferry yesterday from Phi Phi to Krabi. Phi Phi is beautiful…but I was just ready to move on. I was planning on leaving Krabi today, but last night I went out with a bunch of people from the guesthouse I’m staying at and we ended up getting asked to be in a commercial shoot for Travelocity by these two British girls who were recruiting backpackers. Apparently, tomorrow we’re taking a boat to Phuket, then we’ll be there most of the day shooting. They pay for everything and provide you with meals, and then they will also pay you 1000 baht a day (only about $25, but that goes a long way in Thailand). So I figured it would be a fun experience regardless. The commercial will only air in England though….bummer.
Today I went to Railey beach (or one near it) about a half an hour boat ride from Krabi. It was such a beautiful place. Huge limestone cliffs, crystal clear water, numerous caves. The beach was much nicer than Phi Phi. No rocks or shells to hurt your feet on. We were only there for a few hours and I got pretty toasty. In Krabi, typically its very sunny in the morning and then rains in the afternoon. So the clouds rolled in and we started to leave the beach to go grab a bite to eat. About two seconds after we stepped inside the restaurant it started dumping. Later, they packed our boat with so many people the ride back took about 45 minutes and it was pretty cold and windy.
Tonight I think I might be a little mellow, especially since I have to get up at like 6am for my big shoot tomorrow. 🙂 The Terminal is playing down the road at a restaurant (did I mention a lot of the places in Thailand will show movies at night to get you to come eat/drink at their restaurant)….it’s a nice little treat.

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