Thailand – Ko Samui

I’m in Ko Samui right now. Left Krabi yesterday. Met some really cool people on the way over here….a british guy, irish guy, and a british girl…so I’m sort of hanging out with them for now.

Not quite sure how I feel about Samui so far. It’s definitely not one of my favorite places…I know that much. It’s kind of like a mini-mexico. The beach is good, but there are people renting wave runners and boogie boards, people parasailing, and vendors walking up and down the beach. I don’t mind all that….it’s mostly the town. It’s pretty hectic. We all thought there was going to be a really good nightlife here, but we went out last night and there wasn’t a whole lot. There was this one strip off the main street that had a ton of bars, but there were 20 Thai prostitutes at every bar…and this isn’t like the other prostitutes I’ve seen here…there’s no mistaking these girls are prostitutes. Then all these little Thai kids kept running up to us and hugging us and kissing us trying to get us to buy things from them. It was just absolutely insane.

The place I’m staying is not to bad. It’s a place right on the beach with quite a few bamboo bungalows. They’re not much…but I’m paying about $7 a night for my own bungalow with a bathroom. There’s mosquito netting all around my bed, there’s a toilet (but it’s a Thai toilet which basically means to have to put water in it yourself in order to flush it…aka there’s no handle)…and there’s a shower with cold water that has water pressure similar to a firehose. The the grounds are absolutely beautiful…there are gorgeous flowers and palm trees and we’re literally right on the beach.

I played in the ocean all morning. There’s actually waves here which is different from the other beaches I’ve been to so far…the water is still crystal clear though.

I might go this afternoon to this place where you can play with baby tigers. I really want to do that before I leave Samui. I will probably go to Ko Phanang tomorrow…people tend to like that island better than Samui I’ve heard.

Oh…the commercial thing was ridiculous. I basically sat around all day with 40 backpackers and did absolutely nothing. They didn’t even get to our scene….so none of us were in the shoot. They did tons of takes of the same scene. Oh well, I still got paid…it was just a long boring day…I needed a break from the sun though….so it was probably better that I went.

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