Thailand – Ko Phangan

I absolutely love it here. So much better that Samui.

I’m staying in Haad Rin on Sunrise Beach and moved today to a really cool bungalow just off the beach. I’m about a 5 minute walk on the beach from a lot of the cool night clubs.

I got here yesterday and was walking around town and ended up running into some Australian guys I met on the ferry like a week ago. It’s so good to see familiar faces when you come to a new place. So we ended up hanging out all night with this other Aussie guy and an older Australian couple that was really cool. The nightlife here is awesome. There’s a place we went to right on the beach called Cactus Bar and they have these big blankets and tables spread out on the beach in front of the bar. There were a bunch of fire dancers as well, which I love watching. Later, we went dancing and when we came out of the club the sun was coming up. I couldn’t believe that it was already 5:30am…it felt like it was about 2am. But the sunrise was absolutely beautiful.

I woke up somewhat early this morning to catch the sun before it dissappeared behind the clouds. I’ve been so lucky with the weather. Apparently it’s been rainy quite a bit on this side of Thailand for like the last two weeks. But I had an amazing day in Samui and yesterday was crap, but it was a travel day so it’s better if it’s not hot, which always seems to happen. Today is gorgeous.

Well, I’m off to take a nap now. I definitely need to get some rest.

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