Australia – Coffs Harbour

I left Sydney early this morning and headed up north to Coffs Harbour. After arriving, we went on a little bus ride and I went and saw this beautiful ocean view and some kangaroos hanging out eatting some grass. It was a great view – very windy though. Tonight we are having a big gathering at the hostel and all you can drink for $6. Then they’re taking us to the pub. Should be a good night.
Things are a little more expensive here than I thought…and yes, the conversion for the dollar is better…but still the dollar is in bad shape right now.
I will probably head north to Byron Bay tomorrow. I wont get to see as much as I hoped because I’m flying down to Melbourne on the 2nd to visit some friends, so I’m doing the East Coast in a hurry. But I should get to see Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island, which is something I didn’t think I would get to do.

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