Australia – Surfers Paradise

I’ve moved on from Byron Bay and have settled in the glitzy, flashy, universal-city-walk-like Surfers Paradise. Although I’ve never been to Miami, I would imagine it’s similar. The long beautiful beach is lined with skyscrapers, hotels, etc. And the main part of town is filled with neon lights, bars, restaurants, shops, etc. Not quite as laid back as Byron Bay, but it’s kind of one of those places you have to see. I imagine this place is “blowin’ up” at night, as the Hard Rock guitar looks as though it caught on fire with pieces of the Hard Rock logo hanging from the guitar (you’d think they’d get something like that fixed).
There are even more schoolies here than in Byron Bay. Although, I don’t think these schoolies are quite as rich or snobby. But that’s yet to be determined.I’ll find out tonight.
It’s really funny. I love Australia, but so far it seems as though the Australians either love you or hate you. I’ve gotten some pretty interesting comments said to me as an American. Some people have been extremely rude. Others great. The other night I was standing in line waiting to get into a bar and this girl and a bunch of her friends behind me heard me talking. They were so excited to hear an American accent they all came at me saying, “An American accent. Say something. Say something.” It was really funny. I had no clue what to say. I guess it’s similar to how much I love hearing the Aussie accent though.
Heading off to Brisbane tomorrow….then to Melbourne on Thursday morning (Wednesday in the States). Right now I’m suffering from some seriously swollen tonsils. Got some throat drops and some anti-anflamitory stuff, but it’s making me a little miserable. Trying to take care of myself, but it’s hard when you’re on a budget. Hopefully I’ll live though.

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