New Zealand

I’ve been in Auckland a little over 24 hours and so far so good.

I arrived yesterday and ended up in a dorm room full of Scottish and English boys, some of who I really couldn’t understand a word they were saying. We ended up playing cards in the lounge area and then these two Swedish girls joined us. Next thing you know…we’re all getting drunk in the hostel bar and we went out dancing for a good portion of the night. It was probably one of the funniest nights I’ve had in a long time. The guys were just absolutely crazy and they started doing all these insane dance moves. We had a great laugh over the whole thing.

Today I haven’t really done much. Auckland is ok…but unless you go and do day trips, which I can’t really afford to do right now, then there’s not a whole lot to do here. I just went and met the Swedish girls for lunch…we ended up walking around the town and took a few pics…but there’s really much else to do. One good thing though…the girls are flying out today and they gave me these flexi-passes for the bus system in New Zealand worth about $100. So tomorrow, I’m going to leave Auckland first thing in the morning and head up to the Bay of Islands which is supposed to be quite beautiful. I’ll only stay there a night though, then come back to Auckland so I can catch my flight out to Fiji that night.

I really wish I had the time and the finances to explore New Zealand more. From the stories I’ve heard and all that I’ve read you can do, it seems like quite an amazing place. But it would be really hard to travel it and do some of the cool things if you’re on a tight budget. I’m definitely coming back though at some point. It’s basically just a big playground for adults.

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