Costa Rica – Playa Hermosa

After a 2 and a half hour bus ride through the jungle and some weird broken
spanish conversations (hardly anyone speaks English), I’ve made it the
beach. Hermosa is a small town just south of Jaco. The beach is about 1 km
long and there is hardly anyone here but surfers. I thought this might be a
good place to take up surfing…but the waves are so big and strong, I would
probably kill myself. Still, it’s beautiful. Today, I walked around town and
then went and played in the ocean and chilled on the black sand beach for a
bit. I was virtually the only one on the beach besides the surfers out in
catching 4-5 foot waves.

I’m staying in a place that looks like a treehouse with Jason, a 21 year old
surfer kid from San Diego that I met last night in San Jose. We traveled by
bus this morning to Hermosa (and thank God I was with him because we were
the only gringos on the bus). I’m currently sitting in the only bar in town.
There are a couple of restaurants. Paul, a costa rican from Austin, owns
Jammin Restaurante and he’s currently letting me borrow his laptop because
all of the public internet is not working in town. There is one grocery
store and it’s more like a mini mart than an actual grocery store.

The weather is extremely hot and humid, much more so than in San Jose. But,
I’m getting used to it. So far, my blowdryer hasn’t gone to any use. Not
sure if it will any time soon. I’m sure I will probably stay here for a
couple of days…check out Manuel Antonio which is supposed to be beautiful
and then head over to Mal Pais to check out the surf camp there. I’m excited
to get out there. The water is like bath water.

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