Honduras – Roatan

I just left one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen…West Bay in
Roatan, Honduras. I spent the last couple of days there, staying at West Bay
Lodge which is owned by a couple from Portland. The sand was so white and so
fine and the water was this beautiful, beautiful color of turquoise.
Everytime I looked at it, I just couldnt believe that a place like that
actually existed…it was just so picture perfect. Tuesday morning I got up
early and walked out to the beach before anyone was really up…so I got the
most amazing pictures of a completely empty beach…They are surreal.

My time in Roatan was pretty relaxed. I basically just worked on my tan and
then went out in West End last night where all of the backpackers stay. The
only people there right now are really the people that live and work
there…but there are definitely a lot of expats. I ended up drinking
Frodkas (Vodka and Fresca….yes, they have Fresca at the bars here) all
night for the sum of $5. Gotta love Honduras!!!

Now, I´m in the hole of all holes…La Ceiba….which is essentially just a
gateway to the Bay Islands. It reminds me of Bangkok and I haven´t seen one
tourist yet. Luckily, I´m on a plane tomorrow at 6am to head back down to
Costa Rica. Then it´s off to Puerto Viejo and Bocas del Toro. I´m actually
excited to get back down there as I haven´t been traveling with anyone over
the past couple of days….so it will be good to get back in the backpacker

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