Thailand – Ko Phi Phi

I have finally made it to the beach. After an 11 hour flight to Tokyo, an 8 hour flight to Bangkok (baby cried pretty much the whole way), a night spent in the airport (will never do that again), an hour flight to Phuket, and an hour and a half ferry ride, I have found sun, sand, and bliss! 36 hours and some serious lack of sleep, but I made it to ko phi phi. It’s so strange here. I was here before the tsunami hit and now the place is completely different. Before it was really only backpackers….now the place has a ton of tourists, shops, boats, etc. Anyway, the scenery is still pretty amazing to look at. I am beat though.
Found an overpriced room with AC…I plan to stay here for 3 days and then head over to Ko Phangan – the place of the Full Moon Party! Other than that, not sure what is on the agenda. I might actually head to Indonesia …I found a cheap ticket and think I may be able to make it work. We’ll see though.

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