Thailand – Full Moon Party

Went to the Full Moon Party last night. About 8 of us crammed into the back of a pick up to take the scary 15 minute drive to the beach. If you’ve ever watched True Blood and seen one of Marianne’s parties, it was something kind of like that. There were seriously F-d up people all over the beach. I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite like it. I hung out mostly with the Sweds I met yesterday on the journey over. Danced a little. Walked around trying to recognize anything from 5 years ago (it was pretty challenging) then went home before Sunrise, which is uncommon for Full Mooners.
The journey over here yesterday was the best. Myself, 5 Swedish guys, 1 Finnish guy, and a girl from England played drinking games and sang songs for the 3 hour ferry ride over. Seeing grown men,  Swedish futbol players nonetheless, sing Backstreet Boys is something else. It was hysterical. I don’t think I have laughed that hard since I have been here. I think we annoyed everyone else on the boat, but who cares about them, right 🙂
The hotel I am staying at is pretty amazing. I have a poolside bungalow that looks out to the ocean. There’s a great little bar and I met some really cool people over a few Chang beers there last night. The only downside is that its overcast and we just had a total downpour 15 minutes ago. Now, I’m sitting by the pool trying to decide how to go about getting to a computer so I can book a flight to Bali. The weather is supposed to be iffy here for several days so, as any good sun-worshipper would do, I plan to head to sunnier skies. 🙂

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