Thailand – Ko Tao: Mopeds and Massages

Hopped the high speed catamaran to Ko Tao this am and got to the island pretty early. It’s relatively small compared to Ko Phangan, so I decided to rent a motorbike (aka moped) and cruise around the island. It was a bright pink one, so I’m pretty sure I looked like an F-ing barbie cruising around the island, but regardless, it was a blast.

I’ve been reading about this spa on the SE side of Ko Tao- Jamahkiri- and both of my guide books mentioned it, so I thought I would try to find it via moped. The road leading off of the main road is a sketchy one. It had numerous ditches, rocks, steep inclines, declines, etc, but even though I was freaked to go up it, I figured there was no turning back at this point. Luckily, I made it to the spa in one piece, even though I was shaking as I bent down to pick the aromatherapy oil for my massage. The spa was pretty amazing. Set high up on the hill, you could see down to an infinity pool, a small bay, turquoise waters, and a few remote resorts. I ended up getting a massage, aloe body wrap, and facial treatment. Pretty good way to spend an overcast afternoon. When finished, they were nice enough to have a worker drive my bike to the bottom of the hill for me. No way was I going to de-relax myself after one of the best spa treatments of my life. To my embarrassment, the 14 year old kid made it look pretty damn easy.

I ran into a few folks that I meant on Ko Phangan and ended up having dinner with them. We then went to the beach and watched the fire shows (twirlers, fire jump rope, fire limbo, etc). Great way to spend an evening – reclining on the beach on padded cushions by candlelight, drinking beers and watching the fire twirlers. Pretty much a perfect day.

Off to Phuket tomorrow to catch an early flight to Bali on Sunday.

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