Indonesia – Gili Traganwan

I arrived in the Gili islands today off the of the coast of Lombok. So far, I am in love. Gili Traganwan is supposed to be the “party island” but it’s the low season, so it seems to be the perfect amount of people. The island is lined with restaurants and bars with high platforms and cushions on the platforms so that everyone sits down family style. The only lighting is by candlelight and little twinkling lights. My place is nice, but simple. It’s associated with a dive shop and has a modest little pool. I walked around a bit and found a beautiful resort a few hundred feet away from my place. As I guessed, the rooms were out of my price range, but I asked if there was a “day use” fee for the pool, and the gentleman at the front told me 70,000 rupiah (the equivalent of $7 dollars). I’m sure I will take advantage.

Everything here is extremely cheap. It’s unbelievable really. Much cheaper than Thailand. There were rooms on the beach for $5.

When I arrived in Bali yesterday, I met some Aussie guys who were on my flight and were headed to Kuta – the big city in Bali. I ended up sharing a place with them last night and they were an absolute riot. We played pool listening to one of the best reggae bands I’ve heard in a while, then went to a club that was basically mimicked after a pirate ship. There were tons of young Australian tourists everywhere. I’d say it’s similar to Cancun for American’s on spring break. It’s a quick flight for most Aussie’s.

So the island I’m on is famous for diving and snorkeling. There are no police…I think the law is more of indigenous people and a head master….or something similar. There are no cars and a handful of horse-drawn buggies. There are signs at a few of the bars for “mushy shakes” so I’m gathering that mushrooms are legal here. Overall, Indonesia as a whole is incredibly hot. Last night in Kuta, it was brutal…it’s a little nicer here on the islands.

I think I will likely stay here for a few days. I’m pretty stoked to finally found what I’ve been looking for. Thailand was similar 5 years ago, but it’s pretty crowded now. I think Indonesia is one of my new favorite places.

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