Indonesia – Endless Nights in the Gili’s

I have spent the last 6 days in the Gili’s and had the most amazing time. Gili Traganwan couldn’t have been a more perfect destination. The island is mellow, yet full of life and great people. There are no cars, just bikes and horse-pulled carts, which keeps things pretty quiet during the day. At night there are several great bars just steps from the beach and the biggest nights (Mon, Wed, Fri) keep people up til dawn.

I had an amazing little bungalow in the heart of the island and on my first night, after coming home from the bars, I met a group of Irish guys who had a bungalow next to mine. The next day, I ran into them again and we went for beers. That night, another girl from our bungalows joined us at the local Irish bar and so it began…

We ended up down the road at a small bar called Sama Sama. It was late, but there were still plenty of people (mostly locals) drinking, singing songs, and passing the guitar around for all to join in. The whole bar was one big singalong and it was probably one of the most enjoyable moments from this trip. No matter where you were from, everyone knew the songs that were played and it made the world seem not so large after all.

We decided that night that, as a group, we would create a day called “Man’s Day” (after a German celebration) and do a number of activities in celebration of Man’s Day.

The following day, myself, Lucy (the Brit), Conor, Billy, Shane, Enda, and Ritchie set off on our adventure. We hired a boat and took a trip around the Gili’s (including Gili Air and Meno). We snorkeled, swam, and stopped for Bintangs (the local brew) at a small beside bar on Gili Meno. It was as if we were the only ones on the island. A local vendor came by and we all bought matching bracelets to remember Man’s Day and our adventure.

We raced back just in time to grab a couple of horse carts and were able to get to the southern end of the island for sunset. Quite the site.

That evening, we drank and danced, sangs songs on the porch, and stayed up until dawn.

There would be no Man’s Day without ladies of course, so we declared Thursday Ladies Day. We went to a local resort and played at the pool well into the evening. That night, we went to dinner, grabbed drinks and then went back to the bungalows where we laid out all of the porch cushions and spent the evening drinking, laughing and looking at the stars.

After a few nights of heavy partying, we spent Friday at the beach and played in the turquoise water. Probably the last time for some time for the majority of us. The boys head back to Ireland tomorrow and I am heading inland to a small town called Ubud.

Back in Kuta, Bali now, getting a pedicure. Tonight will be the last hurrah, but I am sure it won’t dissappoint.

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