Brazil – Ilha Grande Part 2/Buzios

So the past few days have been pretty great. I ended up meeting a great group of people in Ilha Grande. Just when I thought there were zero English speaking people on the island, a met a couple of Aussie guys who introduced me to a couple from England traveling for 6 months plus, a guy from England traveling for an indefinite amount of time and a couple and girl from Chile on vacation for 10 days. On Monday night, there was a great party at the hostel with live music (insert Bob Marley songs here) and tons of people dancing on the deck overlooking the ocean.

Tuesday, the group and I took a trip, once again, to Lopez Mendes and spent the day laying in the sun, sleeping in the shade, and playing games on the beach. It was such an amazing day. One of the better ones I have had here actually. We ended the night with beers and pizza and said farewell. Now Chile is definitely on my list of places to visit as the group I met were some of the nicest people I have ever met in my travels.

Yesterday, Ben (the Brit) and I took the quick transfer option off the island. First by boat and then by minivan to Rio. I was dropped at the bus station, hopped on a bus to Buzios and finally landed here about 10 o clock last night.I showered, got ready and then joined the group and went on a pub crawl around the city with the hostel folks.

The hostel here, the Nomad, is so unbelievably great. Probably one of the better ones that I have stayed at. Once again, it´s right on the ocean, overlooking a gorgeous turquoise blue bay. I had coffee, juice, and toast this morning sitting out on the deck under the sun watching the boats come in an out. The people here are also so cool and friendly. There´s a lot of Brazillians who all speak great English, Brits, Israelis, Norwegians, Austrailians and even and American girl.

The town itself, apparently is referred to as the St Tropez as Brazil. Its pretty touristy, but has tons of cobble-stne streets lined with shops, restaurants and chic bars. Just the homes on the drive in looked like million dollar homes. It´s quite different from Ilha Grande but definitely has a great charm about it. I´m excited to see it in the daylight.

I´m off to soak up some sun. The breeze is amazing and definitely a nice break from the heat in Ilha Grande.


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