Hola! I’m Mindy, a Portland girl that made Chicago my home about 6 years ago. Sitting anywhere for too long can sometimes be challenging for me, but Chicago easily stole my heart. I work full time as a Marketing Manager in the beer industry, but traveling is really my lifelong passion.

Then there’s Josh. He’s my better half, instaboyfriend, laugh track and my travel companion. He’s the other piece to this puzzle.

We’re not wealthy, but we do well enough. We love beautiful hotels and, more importantly, beautiful destinations. Together, we manage to take several trips a year and do so without breaking the bank. I like to say we have champagne taste with a beer budget. We also love champagne ironically.  

So now we’re here, hoping to share our travel secrets and tips so that others can enjoy travel the way that we do, even on a budget.

I started blogging years ago, then somewhere along the way, lost the energy (and time) to do so. Recently, I’ve rediscovered my passion for photography and decided it was time to return to blogging. No longer to capture experiences as part of an online journal (you’ll see that here in older posts), but really to inspire people to get out there and travel.

There are fewer things in this world that bring me as much joy as setting off on a journey to some place I’ve never been, to see things I’ve never dreamed of, to meet people I’ve never known, to create memories that will be ingrained in every part of me.

Traveling has shaped and defined me. It inspires me. And it always gives me the gift of something to look forward to when life gets predictable or doesn’t seem to be going my way.

This is my travel story. And now with Josh, it’s our travel story. We hope that somewhere along your journey here you too will be inspired .



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