St. Lucian Views and Caribbean Vibes

When you think about St Lucia, you might imagine tall Pitons and a dramatic coastline, lush greenery and, most certainly, a romantic (and pricey) getaway. Having just returned from this beautiful Caribbean island, I can tell you that all of these characterizations are correct. However, with that being said, we were able to experience some of the best resorts on the island without paying the $1000 USD + per night fees that some resorts typically charge. Think Jade Mountain, Sugar Beach at the Viceroy, Ladera and more….but for a fraction of the cost. Read more

Vieques – R and R at the W

I’m writing from a ferry, heading back to the mainland of Puerto Rico after a couple of days offshore at this great little island called Vieques. My friend Kylie and I arrived three nights ago into San Juan after a long day of flying from Portland to Florida and then Florida to San Juan. We rented a car at the airport and then took the 40 minute drive to the port town of Fajardo, slept about 7 hours and then took the first ferry out to Vieques. Read more

Washington D.C. – Deathbed and Dead Presidents

When conversation turns to travel, I often tell people of my adventures and then the conversation turns to major US cities or landmarks and so many of them I’ve never been too. A lot of places in the US have little interest to me, unfortunately. I guess because my definition of travel is someplace foreign. Some far off land that requires a passport and possible vaccines. A place where English is sometimes hard to come by. A place with surprises, some not always good, around every corner. A place I need a guide book to help me navigate my way. Read more

New York City/Brooklyn – Empire State of Tequila, Mustaches & Hookah Bars

Walking through the airport today, I was super sentimental. I’ve had this feeling before. The feeling of “I don’t want to leave”. The feeling that you’re missing something. New York is such an amazing place. So full of life. Energy. I’d been here before, but so long ago. Once to visit a friend about a year after college. Once with a guy. Both trips didn’t live up to expectations. Somehow this time was different. Read more