Belize – It’s Unbelizeable! (sent from Caye Caulker)

So today has pretty much been a very carefree day. We got up this morning
and had some breakfast…fryjacks are my new favorite food…went and layed
next to the beach for a while, had an iced coffee and a bagel and soon I am
going to go get a pedicure because my feet look awful right now.

We’ve made quite a few “local” friends…

Samunda is the neighborhood bar tender and he was hooking us up with some
very savory drinks last night. My favorite is the panty ripper which is
basically pineapple juice and local coconut rum. Their juice is the best
I’ve ever tasted!

Frank is the island “electronics” guru. He fixes all of the tvs, stereos,
etc. and does the wiring. He was pretty funny during happy hour yesterday
and has been chatting us up (sorry…hanging out with the brits a lot) quite
a bit.

Marcos is Samunda’s painter friend. He is staying at the hostel and is an
amazing painter. When he’s not painting he’s either at the bar or laying on
his hammock.

Ross Creek (sp) owns a boat and takes people on tours of the island. He is
supposed to give me a free tour because we are “making friendship” now, so I
have to hit him up for it before I leave which is probably a couple of days
from now.

The island is extremely laid back, but I’m absolutely in the love with it.
There’s not a lot of people here, but it’s nice because its not overcrowded
and everyone seems to gather in the same place at night…which is a great
way to meet people.

Tomorrow, we are going to going to a nearby Caye called Ambergris just for a
day trip to check out San Pedro. Apparently, San Pedro is a lot more hectic
and has cars and mopeds and such….Caulker doesn’t have any motorized
vehicles which makes it an extremely peaceful place to hang out. As they
like to say here, “It’s UnBelizeable!”

Belize – Caye Caulker

I just arrived in Caye Caulker and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s a very
small island off the coast of Belize City. You can pretty much walk the
entire island in about 20 minutes. Everything is brightly colored and looks
amazing against the white sand and the turquoise water. There’s very much a
Carribean vibe here with a lot of reggae, dreadlocks, rasta hats, etc. I’m
excited to relax, read a book, listen to music and lay in a hammock at the
hostel. The past few days have been very long. I waited at the pier for 4
hours, then traveled by boat for two hours to Big Creek, Belize and then
jumped in a random van for four hours with some wonderful people that live
in Belize City. There were a few times when I didn’t think the van was going
to make it.

I met some reallly cool British girls when we were waiting for the boats
yesterday. They randomly ended up at the same hostel as me and they’re
coming to Caye Caulker today, so I know at least there will be some cool
people to hang out with.