Italy – Amalfi

Wow….Im exhausted. Just got to Rome. Amalfi was absolutely amazing. The weather the wonderful and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. To get to Amalfi, you have to take a bus from Salerno, which is about an hour long. The bus ride is pretty crazy. Lots of narrow winding roads, high up on the sides of these cliffs and at any minute it feels as if the bus will just topple over down into the ocean below….but again…the scenery…well worth the trip.
Yesterday, I had one of the best days. I went to Positano, walked around the town a little bit, and then got some food from the supermarket and ate lunch on the beach. Then I just relaxed for about 3 hours on the beach and did nothing….something I rarely do these days. The weather was perfect…hot enough to get a little tan, but not so not scorching either. People all over were changing on the beach, or trying to get out of their normal clothes just enough to still be covered, but trying to soak up as much as the sun as possible. It was just such a beautiful day.
Last night there was a big Halloween party at Willys Pub. These two british guys own Willys Pub and they rent rooms out to backpackers…which is where I stayed. So everyone got dressed up and went out to the pub which was decorated for the festivities. No one in Europe really celebrates Halloween, and I was trying to find something to wear, but just didnt have a lot of luck. So I ended up stopping in a toy store, buying a polizia kit for little boys and went as a cop. I had a badge, a walkie talkie, handcuffs, a little baton, and a dart pistol. The costume was a hit for pulling something so last minute. And I pretty much spent most of the night shooting people from across the room with my plastic dart gun. I met this girl, Valerie from Belgium and we just had such a great time.
Later, we ended up going to some club called Rococo and had a great time dancing. It ended up being a very very late night, and I had to get up this morning to go to Rome. So I’m very tired tonight. At least I got some Halloween partying in though. I’m really getting sad that I have to leave Europe in a few days. I’ve had such a great time. New places and adventures await me though.